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Project Description
Toy Drummer makes it simple to connect your Rock Band drum kit to your PC and assign sound samples to the pads but you can also add visuals, including video loops and pictures.
The project is designed with the Chiptune scene in mind but the application can be customized for other types of projects.

The end result will be similar to the Andrew Rudson's Drum Machine tool but more geared towards performance, including VJing.

Releasing an Xbox version but will not be customizable but pre-loaded Creative Commons content

Current Dev Status & Notes
I was over-booked this last months on some indie game projects but I'm back:) I'll be releasing a new version very soon.

I'm presently working on an indie game for up and coming company so I've been too busy to update the project but I assure it's not abandoned. Updates coming up soon.

-added basic game state code
-added 'press start' screen
-cleaned up Update() code

-Released version 0.2, added DisplayStatus() & PlaySample() functions and some default wav samples pre-assigned to each pad, including the kick.
-I converted project from XNA 3.1 to XNA 4.0 because I want to use TitleContainer.OpenStream to bypass the limitations of the content pipeline and XACT.
ex. Streaming Data from a WAV File

-Because of content pipelining limitations for audio & video, I might have to fork the PC version into .NET framework instead of XNA.

-I'm currently developing and testing on a XP platform with a first generation Rock Band xBox drum kit.

To Do
-add sound trigger code (2011-05-25 -> It's done but must convert now to function or class)
-add visual flash for each hit
-add warning if device is not connected
-add a readme.txt file with installation instructions


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